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Castelnuovo Garfagnana Google maps
Fortitude Montalfonso
Castelnuovo Garfagnana Castelnuovo Garfagnana
Castelnuovo Garfagnana
Castelnuovo Garfagnana - Country and ancient castle of Roman origin   
Origin name - "Castrum Novum" - Castronovo - "Castrinovi" - Castelnuovo Garfagnana   
First news - 773 Guntualdo builds a small church (S.Maria and S.Benedetto) "On the spot Castronovo in Vico Campulo" 
Church - S.Pietro VIII centuryFortitude "Ariostesca" 
History country - 180 aC. - The Romans defeat the Celtic tribes of the Liguri Apuani and they build a small fortitude that subsequently they turn into the small castle 
VI century - The Byzantines commanded by Narsete defeat the Goths and they occupy the castle "Castrum Novum"
VIII century - Fortitude is strengthened and widened 
991 - The Bishop of Lucca Gherardo rents houses and earths to the Gherardinghi Conti of the Verruca 
XIII century - Lucca conquers the Garfagnana and in the 1272 Castelnuovo Garfagnana she is inserted in the jurisdiction of the Vicaria of Castiglione 
XIV century - Castruccio Castracane builds the boundaries of the castle and opens toward north a new door "Porta Miccia", some years after her death Paolo Guinigi widens and again strengthens the fortitude  
February 3 rd 1430 the people of Castelnuovo Garfagnana they ask protection to Niccol of Este Marquis of Ferrara 
XVI century - The Marquis Borso of Este strengthens and widens the old boundaries of the castle built in the preceding century by Lucca 
Fortitude "Montalfonso"1512 - The army of Pope Giulio II in war with the Marquises of Ferrara invades the tollgate of Castelnuovo Garfagnana  
The men of Castelnuovo helped by some brigands rebel him and they send away the hostile army and they again swear fidelity to the Marquises of Ferrara 
Alfonso I of Este founds in Garfagnana her "Province Estense of the Garfagnana" and Castelnuovo becomes her administrative center 
1567 - The Duke Alfonso II of Este to defend the country from the raids of the armies of Lucca and Florence builds more aloft a new Fortitude her "Fortitude of Montalfonso" defended by 2000 soldiers  
Castelnuovo Garfagnana remains under the dominion of the Dukes of Ferrara up to the unity of Italy except the Napoleonic period
Photo Castelnuovo Garfagnana
Fortitude "Ariostesca"
Fortitude  n1 - n2 - n3 - n4 - n5 - n6      Door "old" inside side - external side       Door "Calcinaia"
The boundaries of the Castle n1 - n2 - n3 - n4 - n5 - n6 - n7       Door "S.Lucia"        Bridge "S.Lucia"
S.Pietro    Bell tower
Fountain Bridge S.Lucia built by Castruccio Castracane (noble of Lucca) Entry fortitude "Ariostesca"
The fortitude of Montalfonso
The fortitude of  MontalfonsoTo the beginning of the XVI century, with to spread some conflict between the estensis and Pope Leone X
the fortitude of Castelnuovo Garfagnana, for his/her modest dimensions and for the continuous demografic growth, happened in that period in the suburb, it was not able to guarantee a valid shelter to the population in case of a hostile attack anymore, the conquest of the suburb from the soldiers of the Duke of Urbino (1512) and some raids of the Florentines (allied of Pope Leone X), it pushed the men of the suburb to ask with insistence to his/her protectors the construction of another fortification, the application she was accepted in July of 1567 by the Duke Alfonso II (thanks also to the contribution of 30.000 shields, that previously the castelnuovesi were hocked to pour him).
How place for his/her construction the small medieval country of Mountains was chosen, defended by a small fortification, that contained to its inside the church of S.Pantaleone (already existing in 1168) and that she will be open up to the XIX century.The fortitude of  Montalfonso
Alfonso II man of weapons and holder of one of the most dangerous artilleries, entrusted for the construction of this imposing fortitude, his engineer of trust Marcantonio Pasi great expert in military constructions, that well she knew how to suit the structure for the morphology of the ground, realizing one of the more imposing defensive complexes of the Garfagnana, 1100 meters boundaries it defended from a series of ramparts, a fortress drawn more aloft in the part of the hill, there where the old medieval castle and a gunboat it rose (the Casamatta) they made her impregnable. her "Casamatta" a circular structure covered from once it contained the gunboat, the guns boast of the Duke Alfonso II, prepared according to a precise defensive scheme realized by the same Pasi, they represented the principal defensive nucleus of the fortitude, that had three doors of entry, the principal revolt to north dictates of the Capitan Rinaldo (the actual entry), Hands of the Capitan Terenzio turns to south and the Porthole of the Help small entry drawn to the basic dl rampart of the Help, that a steep but brief path connected with the suburb, offering so a fast shelter to the population in case of danger.
Fortitude was never conquered and she remained under the control of the troops estensi (except the Napoleonic parenthesis), up to the first years of the XIX century when to contain the costs of its management was sold to the privacies, then in 1814 she will again be purchased by the government estense.

Photo fortitude of Montalfonso
Boundaries of surrounded of the fortitude  n1 - n2 - n3 - n4 - n5 - n6 - n7 - n8 - n9 - n10
Inside of the fortitude  n1 - n2 - n3 - n4 - n5 - n6 - n7 - n8 - n9 - n10 - n11 - n12 - n13 - n14
Ruins of the fortress of the fortitude n1 - n2 - n3 - n4 - n5 - n6


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