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Camaiore Google maps
Camaiore, parish church of S.Maria Assunta Boundaries of the castle of camaiore
Camaiore, public gardens
Camaiore arc of Triumph1574Camaiore country of origin Romans and medieval castle
Origin name - Campus Maior (vast lowland) - Camaiore
First historical news - 760 in a parchment the monastery of S.Pietro is named
Church - S.Maria Assunta
Other churches - Monastery of S.Pietro (There-VII century) - S.Michele (X century) - S.Lazzaro -
S.Maria di Feruniano the first parish church of Camaiore (810) situated to around 3-4 miles by the country
History churches -
The church of S.Maria Assunta was built in the XIII century
In the Catalog of the churches of the 1260 Lucca Diocese it already results consecrate and dependent from the Parish of S.Stefano
The church in origin was small and didn't possess the bell tower
1350 are begun the construction of the bell tower that finishes in 1356
1387 in the church the baptismal source is granted
1653, 1797 and 1512 the church is widened and it assumes the actual physiognomy
The church of S.Pietro, ancient Benedictine monastery today inserted inside Camaiore, is named in a 760 parchment the most ancient church of Camaiore But the absence of the baptismal font Parish of S.Maria of Feruniano and the few antecedent available documents to the X century they don't confirm the hypothesis
The church of S.Michele was built in the X century from the abbot of the monastery of S.Pietro, subsequently "Ildebrando" noble some castle of Narrow passage built close to the church an ancient hospital "Hopitale Sancti Michaelis", to help the pilgrims
Camaiore arc of the Vergine Maria XVII century
History Country - !80 a.Cs. the army of Rome defeats the Celtic army of the "Liguri-Apuani", after the victory the Romans build one "Posta"(locanda and station for the rest of the horses) to Camaiore ("Campus Major" great lowland)
XII century - Lucca to conquer the valley of Camaiore with his army assaulted and destroyed many near castles to Camaiore, belonging to the noble Cattaneis of the Versilia, his inhabitants abandoned the castles and they were sheltered to "Campus Major" that shortly time became a country.
XIV century - Lucca to administer Camaiore creates the jurisdiction of the "Vicaria of Camaiore", composed from 8 castles her Parish, Gombitelli, Pedona, Migliano, Pontemazzori, Valpromano, Montemagno and Nocchi and he builds the first fortifications (in wood) of the country.
After the death of noble Castruccio Castracane of Lucca the emperor Ludovico the Bavaro March 16 th 1329, he sells Lucca to Francisco Castracane, the men of Lucca they asked help to Mark Visconti that with his army it sent away Francis Obligation of all castles to submit lucca
May 6 th 1329 - The army of Mark Visconti assaults and destroys the country of Camaiore that had rebelled
1242-1369 - the castle of Camaiore becomes dominion in Pisa
1369 - Charles IV of Boemia returns Camaiore to Lucca
1374 - Lucca reconstructs around the country of the strong boundaries in stone and of the new towers
XV century - Lucca in war with Florence loses the castle of Camaiore.
March 20 th 1442 - Camaiore after the peace between Lucca and Florence definitely returns under the dominion of Lucca
Photo Camaiore
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