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Barga Barga
Barga country of Celtic origin (Liguri-Apuani) and castle Longobards
Origin name - Unknown, Boat? - Barga
First historical news - 983 The Bishop Teudigrimo rents houses and grounds to belonging Rodilando to the noble family Longobards of the Ronaldinghi
Church - Cathedral of S.Cristoforo
Other Churches - SS.Crocefisso - SS.Annunziata - S.Francesco
History Church - Before antecedent construction X century
XI-XV century the church is widened and it becomes today's Cathedral
XIII century is built the pulpit of marble by Guido Bigarelli of Chest of drawers
History country - In the X century the castle was an ancient feud of the family of the Ronaldinghi (noble Longobards) belonging to the Marquis of Tuscany
June 26 th 1090 - You marquise of Tuscany Matilde of Canossa grants important commercial autonomies to the castle
1227 - Barga to defend her liberty and to escape from the jurisdiction of Lucca in the church of S.Maria of Pugnano (Pisa) it swears fidelity to Pope Gregorio IX
1230 - The army of Lucca besieges the castle but he is rejected by the soldiers of Barga and Pisa allied
1232 - The army of Lucca still besieges the castle but 800 knights in Pisa commanded by Bozo Buozi and 2000 soldiers arrived from the castles near friends of Barga they defeat the army of Lucca
1248 - The emperor Federico II surrenders the castle of Barga to the republic of Lucca
1272 - Lucca inserts the castle in the jurisdiction of the "Vicaria of Barga"
1328 Barga is subtracted from the jurisdiction of Lucca and partners with Florence
1352 - The castle is besieged by Francis Castracane Count of Coreglia and friend of Lucca and he is defeated from the soldiers of Barga and Florence
1363 - The army of Pisa besieges the castle of Barga and he is defeated after a long battle from the soldiers of Barga and Florence
1437 - Barga is besieged for the last time by the army of Lucca helped by the soldiers of Milan commanded by Niccol Piccinini, the soldiers of Barga helped by the army of Francis Sforza they win the hard battle and they do imprisoned Lodovico Gonzaga gives birth some Duke of Mantova
Photo Barga
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Churchs   Cathedral of S.Cristoforo
Photo of the castle of Barga
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 The cathedral of S.Cristoforo The pulpit of marmoreal of the Cathedral Door " Mancianella"


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