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Borgo a Mozzano Bridge of the Maddalena (also Called "Bridge of the Devil")
Ancient palace
Borgo a Mozzano country of origin Romans 
Origin name - "Mozzano Pro Decimo" - Borgo a Mozzano 
First Historical news - 879 the Bishop of Lucca Gherardo the he rents houses and earths to "Orso Chierico" child of Adelmanno   
Church - S.Jacopo 
Other churches - S.Rocco - SS.Crocefisso - Convent PP.Francescani
History Country -  
Roman epoch - In that place the Romans built the 6 Roman temple "Prope Decimo" of the ancient road "Clodia"
XI century - You Countess Matilde of Canossa Costruisce the bridge of the Maddalena (also Called "Bridge of the Devil") on the river Serchio to facilitate the commerce
November 1170 - "Borgo a Mozzano" the army of Lucca commanded by the "Podest" Gualtierotto Castagnacci after a violent battle defeats the army of Pisa, that had helped the rebellious castles of the Garfagnana
1272 - the country becomes dominion of Lucca jurisdiction "Vicaria of Coreglia"
XIV century - The Bridge of the Maddalena is restructured by the noble of Lucca Castruccio Castracane
1342 - it finishes the war between Lucca and Florence
 "Vicaria of Coreglia" it becomes dominion in Florence, the noble of Coreglia Francesco Castracane rebels him to Florence and in 1352 his army he is defeated to "Borgo a Mozzano", Francesco after the defeat is sheltered in the castle of Coreglia and continues the rebellion May 8 th 1355 the emperor Carlo IV of Boemia after having helped Francesco Castracane in the war with Florence transforms it "Vicaria of Coreglia" in a County and Francesco Count is named
XIV century - When the Count Francesco Castracane dies it finishes the county and the country he returns under the dominion of Lucca jurisdiction "Vicaria of Coreglia"
1562 - Lucca founds a jurisdiction to "Borgo a Mozzano" called "Vicaria of Borgo a Mozzano" in the new jurisdiction besides the near countries Lucca also inserts us the countries of the "Val of Roggio" (Pescaglia) and some countries of the "Val of Lima
XVII century - Lucca removes from the jurisdiction of "Borgo a Mozzano" the Countries of the Val of Roggio and the Val of Lima 
History churches
Church S.Jacopo (XI - XII century) she is restructured completely in the XVI century according to the project of "Jacopo of the Cune" and January 17 th 1616 was reopened to the cult. The bell tower in origin was a tower built by the countess matilde of Canossa to defend the ancient Roman road "Clodia", in the 1429 Rinaldo of the Albizis it used the tower as her fortitude, in 1559 and 1877 the bell tower was restructured
Church S.Rocco
The church Of S.Rocco was founded in 1525 and in 1791 she was widened and restructured by the architect Michele of Lucca
Convent of the PP.Francescanis 
1526 the Franciscan Fathers began to build the convent, in the periodo1635-37 the painter Domenico Manfredi of Camaiore realized the frescos inside the kiosk, inside the frescos the artist has painted the coats of arms of some benefactors
Photo Borgo a Mozzano
Castle of Borgo a Mozzano - The towers  S.Jacopo e S.Rocco
Convent of the PP.Francescanis   n1 - n2 - n3            Kiosk  n1 - n2 - n3 - n4
Churches   S.Jacopo   S.Rocco
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Bridge of the  Maddalena
Bridge of the Maddalena (also Called "Bridge of the Devil") Convent of the PP.Francescanis Ancient palace


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