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Museum to the chocolate
The chocolate in the Grancia Granducale of Serre of Rapolano
During the demonstration "Serremaggio", the historical representation of the chocolate of the XVII century, it has been performed by The Workers of the Buonvisi, inside the rooms of the old crusher Granducale of the museum of the ancient Grancia and the oil of Serre of Rapolano (Siena), the ancient strengthened farm, realized in the XIII century from the hospital senese of Saint Maria of the Staircase that for many centuries, it represented the barn, the wine cellar and the crusher of the medieval community of Serre of Rapolano and subsequently of the Granduca in Tuscany.
The museum of the ancient Grancia and the oil, for two days, the dessert perfume of the chocolate has breathed, putting to comparison, the principal foods of the old world (wine, wheat and oil), with the food of the gods, coming from the new world that in few years, it conquered the palate of the Italian and European nobility, as it also happened for the granduca in Tuscany the Cosimo III of Medici, two cultures and two popular traditions, proposed in an interesting gastronomic didactic run, drawn in the ample rooms of the museum.
Medieval day
Centenary of the foundation of the commune of Porcari
On the occasion of the celebrations of the centennial of the commune of Porcari (1913-2013), in the sporting field of the country, the organizers of the demonstration, have wanted to recreate a typical day of party, of the ancient medieval castle of Porcari, erect probably just before Thousand, in the place Turret, from one of the founders of the powerful surname longobardo, of the Porcaresi that they will dictate law in many castles of Lucca for many centuries.
The demonstration, begun the morning with the medieval market, in which they have also participated The Workers of the Buonvisi, it is continued in the afternoon with some games of weapons,  a competition of ability among medieval crossbows tests of assault to the castle, swordsmen and other, waiting for the game of living chess, played with the typical medieval customs, around which it has rotated the whole evening show
XIII Palio of the Val of Lima
Historical crossbow from Arm
During the XIII Palio of the Val of Lima, a competition of draught to the crossbow, category historical crossbow from arm that every year, is disputed, to Bagno in the Villa, the ancient thermal center of Bagni of Lucca, The Workers of the Buonvisi, with their Living history, of a 1600 cioccolateria, they have been entertained by the organizers of the Palio, inside Villa Buonvisi, a building built by the Buonvisi, one of the most important noble families of Lucca, between 1558 and 1570, a stonesthrow from the thermal establishment of Bagno in the Villa, probably the most ancient of Bagni of Lucca, whose rising, with waters to 39 degrees, in the 56 a.C. they offered relief and comfort, to the famous Roman triunvirato composed by Caesar, Crasso and Pompeo, gathered him in that period to Lucca. 
The chocolate, for the occasion it has been proposed inside the seventeenth-century kitchen of the building, a characteristic and spectacular environment that it has almost been unchanged during the centuries, maintaining it native aspect.



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