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Gustatus -  The sense of the taste
The saloon of the taste of Orbetello (GR)

Gustatus, the saloon of the taste of Orbetello, been born in 2005 to make to rediscover the gastronomic and cultural traditions of the Lagoon of Orbetello, the principal natural oasis of the WWF of the Tyrrhenian sea and the Maremma, tied up earth for a long time to the old country traditions and above all in its kitchen, that succeeds in melting and to exalt the tastes and the perfumes of the wines and the gastronomy typical of two regions, Tuscany and the Lazio, from many years to the first places of the Italian cuisine, this year inside the Agorą of the Taste, thanks to the 1600 chocolate historical rievocazione, proposed by The Workers of the Buonvisi, and to "maitre chocolatier" presence, you has realized for the estimators of the "Food of the gods", a historical-gastronomic run, that has driven them in the over two thousand years of history of the chocolate

Cathedral of Saint Maria Assunta of Orbetello - XII century
Fortitude of the Cerruglio - Montecarlo (LU)
Inside the sector Mediceo of the Fortitude of the Cerruglio, in one of the most suggestive fortifications, of the province of Lucca, The Workers of the Buonvisi, with their living didactic history, of the workmanship of the chocolate of the XVII° century, proposed in seventeenth-century custom, they have made to relive the tastes and the perfumes of the ancient chocolate of Cosimo III of the Physicians, to the many intervened visitors, that with a dive in the "sweet" past, they have been able to rediscover the charm "greedy", of an ancient workmanship, that fascinates today still him, "cioccolando" for the occasion, along the Renaissance boundaries and the mighty medieval towers of the fortitude
Fortitude of the Cerruglio
Party of the pumpkin
Gavirate (Varese)

The Workers of the Buonvisis, to the first of October they have participated in the great kermess devoted to the pumpkin, that every year develops him in the month of October on the lake-front of Gavirate (VA), the demonstration that extends him for almost one month, on the shores of the lake of Varese, proposing her old popular traditions and gastronomies of the country world, this year she has placed side by side to the various shows devoted to the territory (micologiche, of the agricultural means, of sculptures in wood.....) the historical rievocazionis, of the market medievale,dei Workers of the Buonvisis, that in didactic key has not only been proposed for the occasion, but also in a country and connected version to the event enogastronomico, that has put in prominence the culture and the old traditions of the Lombardy.

The greatest pumpkins The market medieval farmer
 Renaissance Days
Scarperia (FI)
The of Scarperia, as every year has opened a week of living history. that introduces the Florentine town to the Palio of the Diotto, dames, riders, minstrels and ancient works you have revived the alleys and the before plaza to the Building of the Vicars, a real castle that from the XV century entertained the Vicar, sent from Florence to administer those earths of border, the Workers of the Buonvisi, for the occasion they have put in scene a small medieval market, proposing the typical life of a merchant lucchese, that as a wayfarer looking for fortune, it went to haggle in Earths friends or hostile 
Building of the Vicars medieval market


Her streets of Castel S. Giovanni in the 1299 d.c
S.Giovanni Valdarno (AR)
... The workers of the Buonvisi have landed in the earths of the " Masaccio", participating in the historical demonstration "Her streets of Castel S. Giovanni in the 1299 d.c", connected to the public presentation, of the project for the realization of the Museum of the Earths Nuove, presso the Building of Alfonso, restored and open for the occasion to the public and that for its realization, he will see to collaborate with the commune of S.Giovanni Valdarno the prestigious direction of the town museums of Firenze ,
Building Of Alfonso, center of the Museum of the New Earths


IX Festa Bianco Azzurra
Castiglion Fiorentino (FI)
In the first week end of June, the historical group of the Workers of the Buonvisi has participated in the event "IX Festa Bianco Azzurra" organized from the neighborhood Cassero of Castiglion Fiorentino. Evento that the share of groups has seen coming from Portugal, Ireland, Abruzzo, Roma, Naples and Turin, where our Group is distinguished for the involvement of the schools, both elementary that averages, in the life of the mercato medievale with the exhaustive explanations of the various represented works e  le tests of writing with the various tools made to do to every child with final gift of personalized bookmarks and biscuits for everybody.


Games of medieval Crossbow del Calendimaggio
Barga (LU)
Medieval market - places of the Cathedral of Barga Medieval market - places of the Cathedral of Barga


XXI Show Ancient Camellias of the Lucchesia
(web organization)
In the suburb of the camellias of S.Andrea of Assignment (Capannori), in the first two weeks end of March also this year is developed one of the most prestigious demonstrations tied to the camellia, the event followed by thousand of estimators of this plant as every year, she has animated the holds and tortuous lanes of one of the characteristic suburbs of the Compitese and some Villas Lucchesi, with their seculars parks, adorned from exemplary only, during the demonstration theater also of particular tastings of the,
she is parallelly developed, as every year, also an event enogastronomico, in which The Workers of the Buonvisis have introduced the history of the chocolate, the historical rievocazione of the cioccolateria lucchese of the XVII century to taken life inside the ancient crusher of Head of Vico, near the Piazzetta of the Taste, where the characteristic tastes of the typical products lucchesi is mixed and fused with the intense and delicate perfume of the chocolate


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