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Events 2009
The rout of Indies
The great explorations from the '400 to the '700

Foundation Joseph Lazzareschi - Porcari (Lucca)
A show on the explorations to the discovery of the world. It is the cultural initiative of the Foundation Joseph Lazzareschi (Porcari-LU) only in his/her kind on the territory, that has been developed in the center of the Foundation since November 22 nd 2009 to February 28 th 2010.
The great explorations by sea and street earth they have been absolute protagonists of a fascinating exposure and flood of mystery, “You rout of Indies: the great explorations from the ‘400 to the ‘700”, she has been a trip between legend and reality to disclose the mysteries that have wound the terrestrial space for millennia.
The show, has told as shortly time, the discoveries of the new worlds I will ever dictate origin to the most extraordinary known scientific, cultural and social transformation, from the rediscovery of the ancient one “Geographia” of Tolomeo to Mark Polo, up to the great discoveries, made possible graces to the progress in the naval sector and to the new tools of astronomic measurement.
Chocodays - the days of the chocolate
Bellinzona (CH)
Ith the witticism If you don't come you don't lick your fingers he has opened in the Swiss town of  Bellinzona the third edition of Chocodays-the days of the chocolate kermesse of the chocolate, conceived and directed by the experts in communication Thomas Carta and Marina Buttiglione that from 2006 they try to show the most known facets of the world of the chocolate, showing that “the food of the gods” it is not only gastronomy but also art, history, aesthetics, medicine etc....
The demonstration mainly unwound himself inside the suggestive Civic Building of Bellinzona, also this year has attracted thousand of visitors that in the first two weekends of November they have followed and crowded all the events.

"Mediterranean tastes: bread, wine and new oil"
Impruneta (FI)
Party of the Tuscan region
Historical procession
Lido di Camaiore (Lucca) 30 November
Celebrations of the Saint Cross
Ante diem sanctae Crucis
Procession of the Luminara
Celebrations in honor of S.Paolino (Lucca)
Rievocandum 1111
Quattro Castella 2009
I Mestieranti dei Buonvisi together with Youma

Itinerant medieval market


Events 2008
The chocolate is also solidarity 
Pratovecchio (AR)


The handicraft chocolate of quality, on October 24/26 to Pratovecchio, has been protagonist of a great initiative of solidarity, for the Foundation for the Pediatric hospital Meyer in Florence
Cioccolamì Pratovecchio Arezzo Cioccolamì Pratovecchio Arezzo
Images of the taste crossed contemporary on the food
Photographic show Bibbiena (AR) 1 June-September 7 th 2008
250 open photographic shows contemporarily in Italy, promoted by the Federation Italian Photographic Associations (FIAF)
and coordinated by the Italian Center of the Photo of author (CIFA).
                                                                   “Chocolate, passion for a long time...” Photo of Gabriele Caproni

A small trip in the time, thanks to a historical rivisitazione, you has allowed us of scvoprire and to compare ancient and new methods for the production of the chocolates. Protagonists the hands of the cioccolatieris, that for a long time realize savory masterpieces.   
In the seventeenth century the seeds of cocoa came, toasted, crushed and worked. Today sweets tables from five kilos chocolate are ready to be melted. The ended product is always unchanged, a jewel to be tasted in every moment. 
"The photographic service of Gabriele Caproni, (Circolo Fotocine Garfagnana di Castelnuovo Garfagnana) at the end of the event he has been selected and statement, in the conclusive photographic show of Bibbiena (AR) and inserted in the National Catalog of the Show" 
XIII century XVII secolo
Sassomarconi (BO)
Medieval market - Pontecchio
Concert of
New Year's eve
Auditorium 2000
tourist center
Il Ciocco
Castelvecchio Pascoli (LU)
Homage to Maria Callas
Dimitria Theodossiou
"Rievocandum"  Quattro Castella (RE)
La "Luminara" di Santa Croce
Corteo storico in onore di S.Paolino
Events 2007
XIII century  XVII century
Montepulciano (Siena)
Coreglia Antelminelli (LU)
Ghivizzano (LU)
Corteo storico in onore di S.Paolino Coreglia Antelminelli mestieri medievali Ghivizzano mestieri medievali


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