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(Montecarlo Chocolate)
Cioccocerruglio, the chocolate of Cosimo I of the Medici, in the fortitude of Cosimo III of the Medici
The ancient chocolate in Florence, is made every year from "The Workers of the Buonvisi" inside the fortitude of the Cerruglio
Chocolate and history, a binomial that from three years, continuous to attract hundreds of gluttons.
The representation historian didactic, been born with the purpose, to drive the visitor, in the dessert world of the chocolate, show the ancient techniques of workmanship of the chocolate, ancient perfumes and tastes that again flutter among the saloons of the Fortitude of the Cerruglio.
Cioccocerruglio the gastronomic historical event, tied up to the demonstration Montecarlo Chocolate, for one day, it allows you to taste the ancient chocolate, among the ancient towers, pursuing the intense perfumes of the Renaissance chocolate
The Castle Relives
Nozzano (Lucca)
Next to the historical center of Lucca, in September, inside the castle of Nozzano, you are represented, the glorious deeds of the medieval riders of Lucca, defenders of the city and the confinements of the Republic of Lucca, the inhabitants of the suburb, in memory of these medieval battles, in the characteristics streets of the castle, organize the greatest medieval party, out of the city boundaries, the called demonstration "The Castle Relives", it tells every year, a particular historical period, of the suburb, in the 2012 edition, the medieval party, has remembered the Countess Matilde of Canossa, that contributed notably to the foundation of the medieval Castrum.
The Workers of the Buonvisi, have participated in the medieval party, proposing along the streets of the suburb, some ancient medieval works of Lucca, arousing above all the interest of the smallest, to which the possibility has been offered to try to write his own name with the classical feather.
The castle of Nozzano - Lucca The medieval market Ancient works
Art in Castle - Gift for the Life
Biennial of art
The biennal exhibition of art and music “Art in Castle-Gift for the life” organized in the suburb mediceo of Montecarlo, from the Cultural association “The Garden of Bidi” in collaboration with “Monnalisa Italian Art Magazine”, for the CIAI, Center Italian Helps to the infancy, an Ong (Non Government Organization) that from 1968, it fights for the fundamental rights of the children of the whole world, this year has picked up deep, for 53 children of the institute Saint Rita from Cascia of Bogotà. 
The demonstration, thanks to an intense cultural program, turned to the noble arts of the music, two concerts inside the ancient Theater of the Rassicurati ones and the visual arts, for a week in show inside the Fortitude of the Cerruglio, where 20 artists followed by Sarah Forese and by Lorenzo Giusto Acquaviva, coadiuvati from a scientific committee taken care of by the architect Marcello Lombardi, has exposed some of their best masterpieces, photo, paintings and sculptures, put in prominence from the suggestive scenery, of the rooms medicee of the Fortitude of the Cerruglio.
Inside the show a long series of initiatives has followed, among which the historical representation of the seventeenth-century chocolate de: The Workers of the Buonvisi that she has entertained the visitors, during their visit to the show.
Serre of Rapolano  (Siena)
At the end of 1300, the rich merchant Giovanni de Rossi and her young bride Ciambragina, at the end of a long trip, reaches the doors of Serre of Rapolano, they were welcomed by the party, organized by the inhabitants of the castle, happy for the arrival of the bridegrooms that they will again bring shine and prestige to the castle and today, as then to every spring, the characteristics streets of the historical center, decorated by the “May” in flower, they are repopulated of dames, courtiers, canters and soldiers in party.
With the medieval party of the “Cianbragina”, had been inserting for many years, with success in the “Serremaggio”, along the streets of the historical center, for two consecutive weekends, the visitors can wander about, among ancient taverns, shows, armed duels and a great medieval market, where nearby to ancient works the local typical products and the old gastronomic traditions are proposed, tasting the ancient tastes of the kitchen senese
Medieval evening
Arts, works, life and kitchen
To the witticism of "Arts, works, life and kitchen, in 1400" the Medieval Evening is initiated, demonstration historian culinary, inspired to the historical stories, of the ancient medieval suburb of S.Angelo in Field, in party, after the serious destruction suffered in 1336, to work of the Florentine hordes, the demonstration organized by the owners, of the restaurant pizzeria Angeli of Sant'Angelo, have proposed one festive day of that period that besides the religious functions, it always foresaw a city market, where the exchange of the commodities, certainly overcame the purchase in coin and of the tournaments of ability, in which, the art of the to handle the weapons and the standards of his own commune, was the most famous show.
To the Medieval Evening of Sant'Angelo, you have participated the historical groups of Lucca:
Sbandieratori e Musici Città di Lucca Contrada Sant'Anna in Piaggia, Associazione il Castello, I Mestieranti dei Buonvisi and to the Company d’Arme Sole e Acciaio of Pescia.


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