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Association Historica Lucense

(group historical artillery of Lucca)

Edited by Bruno di Sergio de’Giannoni,

 "Mastro de Artelleria"


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Who are
The Group was born as a result of the costruction of two “scenic tools” reproducing two pieces of Field Artillery of the end of 1400.The two pieces were a small “veuglaire” and a “crapaudeau” of Bourgoine reference. To the beginning of 2006 another “crapaudeau” with breeches was built, then  ,recently, another handy- gun “a rampo” and a little gun mounted on bench: all muzzle-loader; last pieces of Artillery  built was a  Mountain Artillery Piece of second half of 1400, from Savoy or Bourgoine , muzzle- loaded, and the original piece is in the Museum of Art and History of Geneve. Necessary,the historical references for the costruction of these Guns,than moreover do not expect of being faithfull Historical Recostructions-but only tools that give the aesthetic point of view and work-, have them references in characteristic crews of late Middle-Age or Renaissance, coming from regarding documentation of iron artilleries of 1400, but with little references to the Italian situation. All Piecesare tools adapted to single the shooting to blank also using black-powder and fuse like in originate them . As the true Artillery Pieces are equipted with a “focone” in the breech for black powder that it comes ignited with a fuse on a “buttafuoco”. In consideration of the fact, attested from numerous literature, that Artilleries with iron canes, constructed in the last quarter of XV° Century were also used in the first half of XVI° Century and beyond,the Pieces are used in Historical Events with the Artillery-Men dressed or with  1400 dresses or with 1500 dresses.
The flag of the Group: left in first of Blue to the Motto “ LIBERTAS” in latin letters of gold,the place in band,accompanied from two “Burelle” of the same one . In the second a cutted of Silver(White) and Red with on the heart an horizontal  profile of ancient gun , and one ancient crossbow crossing, both to the natural one.
All Pieces has a name: the little veuglaire in called “Holy Cross”, the two crapaudeau “Florentia” and “Guelfa-Monna Berta”; the las realized Piece has name “Savoiarda” and the Gun on Bench “Lucchesina”. The First  official escape of the Group has been in Germany in Heidelsheim in 2005 ,than in  Florence ; In Lucca in 2006 for The Feast of the Saint Patron-San Paolino- was rievocated the”Gazzarra” from the Bastion of San Donato  on City Walls(in 2006 and 2007), than in Barga,again in Lucca for presenting the Honour at Swiss Vaticans Guards on the way of Rome in the 500nd anniversary of the Vatican  Swiss Guard a so on in several other Towns and  Events; in July of 2007 ,the Master of Artillery of the Group with  the “Guelfa-Monna Berta”  was present in Bretten ( Baden-Germany) and Heidelsheim  as  guest of Brettner Artillerie and Armbrustshutzen Neibsheim.
In these occasion the Veuglaire “Holy Cross” is remained in pledge of Friendship with the Brettener Artillerie of Bretten for the Meister –Kanonier Jurghen Dorn.
The Group is formed by the Guns and by a “Mastro de Artelleria”(Bruno Giannoni-the builder also of the guns-) and  three younger member as “Artillery Servants”.
                                                                                                                                                     Mastro de Artelleria Bruno Giannoni


Diposito e Oficina de la Artelleria de la Muraglia


The weapons
Cannoncino da murata con banco Cannoncino da rampo Crapaudeau Florentia dopo il restyling
Crapaudeau La Guelfa dopo il restyling La Savoiarda in costruzione originale al Museo di Ginevra Veuglaire Santa Croce


Small mountain gun
Second half XV century -  Borgogna - Alta Savoia
The original one is found in the Museum of Art and History in Geneva


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